Sew Happy

Sew (!) I finally have a sparkly new sewing machine..but as yet I’ve not had an opportunity to try it out. I can hear it calling me, quietly taunting me from the next room…. Still, I’m brimming with inspiration, I know what I want to make and I have my appliqué shape cut out of paper, ready to be pinned and cut from fabric so it’s a start at least! Maybe I’ll get an chance to get on with it tonight, small person permitting of course.

I’m turning 30 next week and I’m looking forward to it. A month ago I was hyperventilating at the thought of entering my fourth decade but this past week I’ve gotten over it. Everything else aside, you can’t halt time. I used to feel like time went around in circles, ‘oh, it’s Monday again’, or ‘wow, just X months til Christmas’, but really, time just stretches ahead in a line. Mostly a curvy line, sometimes days drag and I don’t count the time I’m asleep, and the good stuff tends to rush by at lightening speed. Its all good though, I’ve changed so much these past few years, my confidence has improved as has my ability to deal with the stuff that’s not going how I’d like. Everything I want to do seems possible with a little thought and a bit (or lot!) of work. Like this sewing machine. I will get the hang of it, I’ve spent the last 15 years being to scared to use one, but do you know what? There’s a lot more scarier stuff out there!