Fear & Hope

Today we have to talk our little girl to see an Ophthalmologist. She was born prematurely and has developmental delays as well as vision problems.

I struggle to express my feelings and anxieties, especially to people who know us quite well. But its incredibly hard to be upbeat all the time, people don’t realise their concerns add to my own, and why should I constantly gloss over stuff just so they feel reassured?? As time ticks away I can feel the stress balling in my stomach and my mind races as I wonder what they are going to tell us. There is a desperate need that we will hear something good, something positive…and now I’ve hit my wall, I can’t articulate any more on the subject.

So, in a pathetic attempt to occupy myself, I’ve been sewing a felt owl. There seems to be owl themed stuff everywhere in the craft world. I’ve been kind of making it up as I go along…story of my life. I’ll post a photo when I’m done.


EDIT: I have been thinking about the response this post might get, and I want to make it known that sympathy or pity isn’t what we want or need. We want recognition and validation, and smiles and positivity, because that’s what gives us a boost!