Hello September!

Summer has finally drawn to a close, and September, my favourite month, is here. I love early Autumn, with luck the days are still warm and sunny, but there is a feeling of lateness as the leaves start to turn and the evening light takes on a different quality. I feel as if I’m growing, change is in the air and I’m looking forward to it!

We have been playing with copper and although its rough, our first experiment  is also very lovely. My lovely other half will drill a hole in this little beauty so I can put it on a keyring to inspire me when I’m out and about…and then I’m going to get cracking with my jewellery making…this little bird design will make a fab necklace!

Copper Coin

And just because he is is gorgeous, the copper equine in my life…

Copper Clopper

I’m also very much looking forward to a new sewing machine very soon! My old one is temperamental and permanently grubby from repairing pony rugs so I’ve never used it for anything else. I’ve got lots of ideas for things I want to make, including making a babywearing bag from a Didymos Ginkgo scarf/doll wrap to match the beautiful Ginkgo wrap that will be chopped and converted at some point. And I also have plans to make a few mei tai slings in my pursuit for the ultimate carrier for my growing bundle of fun! Watch this space…


Slings and things

We have been testing a gorgeous wrap-tai from Delphi Slings and Pretty Things, and I finally got some nice photos. We love using carriers, they are deceptively easy to use, very supportive and small people love being close to the people they love, up high where they can see everything. It’s really important to get one that suits both wearer and child and fits properly. Lots of areas have slingmeets where you can chat with other babywearers and try out different slings and wraps.

Anyway, after totally falling in love with a wrap-tai, I’m thinking I need one of my own…and I have a gorgeous wrap in mind for conversion!!

And, on the subject of slings, we had our local slingmeet this morning. While the weather is miserable we go to an indoor play centre. It’s nice to meet with like-minded people, and I have made a  few good friends. Its nice, especially as we are such a fragmented society in general. If you can find something in common with other people, start a group!!

Delphi Slings Wrap-Tai