Firstly I want to share a photo with you from yesterday;

Today we had a visit from our physio and the Jenx rep to try my small person with a walking frame. It went better than I could have hoped and we now have to wait and see if we can get funding for the frame. Please cross your fingers for us, our little girl really needs this and we desperately want this for her.


The weather has turned lovely here, we’re trying to get more outside time now the days are getting shorter. I’ve enjoyed taking the small one out in a sling. We chat, we sing, we scrunch leaves and tickle eachother’s faces with long seeded grass. She is understanding more and more, she is opinionated, she is confident, she is humorous and even her own version of helpful. Today she has a cold brewing but is still chirpy and smiley, fingers crossed she is still happy tomorrow as we have slingmeet! Poor thing spent all night fidgeting and growling, it was like co-sleeping with a bear.

I’ve not been able to get any sewing done these past few days but I have ordered a bit of cord from eBay so looking forward to that coming through the post soon.

Just a short blog post today, there is plenty to come so stay tuned!!!!