Samhain Blessings!

This year we are celebrating our first Samhain as I have been looking into Earth related festivals. We don’t follow a religion and I reject the faith pressed upon me as a child while in school, but lately I have had a desire to recognise and thank the Earth and the Universe for what it provides.

I’ll be making pumpkin soup later today, and we’ll eat it with homemade bread (mixed from a packet!) hot from the oven. Last week I collected some leaves and cones with the small one so we will sit down and touch, see, listen and experience Autumn. She’ll think its great fun!

Last night we had a go at making Clementine Candles which was a semi-success, not so much olive oil next time I think. Still, if you’re like me and hardly eat fruit its a great incentive to get some Vit C.

Enjoy Samhain!

Dancing Fox pumpkin