Prematurity Awareness Month

November is Prematurity Awareness Month, and yesterday (the 17th) was International Prematurity Awareness Day.

Premature birth creates a complicated paradox. It is devastating and a time for celebration. How could we celebrate when our baby lay in intensive care? Should we feel guilty for being devastated when our baby was surviving?

My little girl was born 7 weeks early. As soon as she  was born she was taken away. I heard her cry but didn’t see her properly. No chance to touch her, make that first connection. It hurts me deep inside to know her first experience of life were fear and pain, not love and familiarity. I will never forget how completely defeated I felt immediately after her birth, my world has collapsed.

Aside from all the treatment and medical interventions, premature babies and parents need each other.

Our T*, an hour old