Back to Blogging…

….And I’m back! Sorry for being so quiet lately, I can see by the site stats that BCB is still being visited regularly so its nice to know people are still reading.

Well, things have been busy and my head has been full. I’ve tried to blog several times but given up because my mind being blank. Winter is here, my body and brain are slowing down, but enough of that! I’m back and I promise to be better.

So what’s been happening? No much actually. The small one is keeping me busy, she has just completed a block of speech therapy where she was introduced to a picture system as a method of communication which she picked up really well. We’ve also had an OT assessment and were told we are doing everything they would suggest. It’s so reassuring when the professionals say that! The physio’s application for a walker has been approved but we have to wait to find out if there is any funding left for this financial year…if there isn’t we’ll have to hang on til April.

We haven’t been able to spend much time outside now it’s turned cold and wet, but I’ve recently discovered ringslings which is making life much easier indoors. We have a Storchenwiege Lilly and also waiting on hearing about a Neobulle Julie as we really need two on the go! We also sold our Rose & Rebellion SSC and got a petite toddler Girasol Wompat in Forest Berries as I needed something in a smaller fit. Forrest Berries is soooo pretty, I’ll have to get some pictures sorted so I can show it off to you. Not only that but our beautiful Ginkgo has gone off to Opitai be converted into a wrap-tai! I’m a bit nervous at the thought of it being chopped up but really I can’t wait to see the result…watch this space!!

That’s enough from me for today, plenty to come so stick with me x x