I’ve been busy, lots of butterfly chasing, some ups, some downs, love, laughter and tears.

My small one celebrated her 4th Birthday in June and she is doing so well, the daily progress is beautiful to watch and according to our paediatrician, we are exceeding expectations. We will happily continue to exceed them, thank you very much! We are still very much on the Anat Baniel Method path, and we have regular visits from a very lovely local Emmett Technique practitioner too which really helps to relieve T*’s muscle spasticity. We are very  happy with this combination of assistance and we are looking forward to adding a lot more horse-riding into the mix once sitting-up has reached a certain point.

I have taken the plunge today and  enrolled on The Bach Centre’s Level 1 Distance Learning Programme. I’m not sure yet if it is for personal development or if I may go all the way to practitioner level, but I’m looking forward to finding out!

S x