Don’t worry, be happy…*yadda yadda*

I woke early this morning, about 5am, and I couldn’t get back to sleep, And then it happened, my empty mind began to fill itself with worries and stresses. I went from pears to tumble dryers in about 2 minutes flat.

My other half always ask me, “what have you got to worry about??”, as if my life is so charmed or my concerns are trivial. I know he means neither of those things but that still doesn’t ease my mind. The fact is, I’m a worrier. I’m prone to anxiety although I’ve got better as keeping stuff in perspective as I’ve got older.

At my most stressed I exhibit obsessive compulsive disorder type behaviours, rituals, counting, repetitive stuff. It used to take me a bit of time to get out the front door. Is the fridge shut? Was the gas hobs off? Back door locked? I’ll just check. Check again. And check again.

I guess I am quite lucky, some people are gripped by OCD, I was/am fairly mild compared to some. But that doesn’t mean its easy to live with. I think I’ve got it sussed, I can recognise the signs, take steps when I notice my stress levels rising. Its an ongoing thing.

But yes, I do worry about stuff, sometimes minor stuff, but its valid all the same.

I got back to sleep eventually.