Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

Once upon a time, I was foolish enough to say aloud “I’m finding this hard”. The really disappointing thing was the reply I got was “well children are hard work”. As if it’s the same thing!

So I didn’t say it again. I kept my mouth firmly closed because I realised that most people have no direct experience with special needs, even some of those working with SN infants don’t really know what its like to live it, not really. So I don’t tell people that its hard, not unless they ask. And depending on how much I think they are interested will depend on what I tell them.

For those who are honestly seeking an insight I’ll tell them it’s the hardest thing I ever thought I would do…but also the easiest and most joyful thing because I completely adore my little girl. I’ll say its painful and fearful and hugely demanding as well as amazing and rewarding and magical. I might tell them I have cried many more happy tears that I ever did tears of frustration or uncertainty. I’ll say we are positive and celebrate every tiny achievement as each victory is a victory for all of our hard work…just the same as any negative or throw-away  ignorant comment cuts so deep, a slap in the face of all the sheer amount of effort we put in.

I say we thank our lucky stars that things are the way they are as life could be so much harder.

And to the people that ask for the sake of nosiness or small talk? I’ll tell them;
Difficulty Rating: Intermediate