Wheels in Motion

Wow, can’t believe another couple of weeks have passed rapidly by! I have been very busy with felting and some other projects starting to fill up the pipeline so I’m happy. I’m trying to find an hour a day to get on with stuff without little helpful hands.

The weather has been uncharacteristically lovely this past week, Spring has really crept up on me but we have been making the most of it, windows open, washing on the line, ponies have their rugs off so enjoying the sun on their backs. My small one has even been outside in her walker much to her joy. She stood at the field gate shouting “Hiya” at the ponies to get them to come over….I thought my heart would burst.

In just over 3 weeks we will be thinking about packing for our next trip to London for the next set of Anat Baniel Method sessions. T* is continuing to progress well, I even remarked to our physio that her spine is much straighter now and she agreed. I requested that her legs were checked for stiffness from using the walker but thankfully all is fine, something I attribute to the fact we carry and wear T* in a sling and once again the physio agreed. T*’s neck and head strength have improved so much I have just acquired a wrap and tentatively begun learning to back wrap so there will be photos to follow soon.

Lastly, I would just like to share this blogpost with you from Natural Mamas. This beautiful print was designed by one of our mamas from our local slingmeet and 5 copies are being gifted to raise money for The Miscarriage Association. Miscarriage is very common but as it is so rarely talked about, many women have trouble finding the support they need. Best of luck with the fundraising x


Time’s Whizzing By…

And another fortnight has disappeared! I have completed all current customs drawings (except for a friends) so looking forward to not getting all stressed out with finding time to draw. I’d like to do some equine inspired artwork at some point too.

I’d like to share a photo of something I have recently completed, its my first needle felted picture and its of a fox and moon. It took longer than I would have liked as I had little hands trying to ‘help’.  I really enjoyed having a go at this, I think its safe to say I’m a bit of a felt addict as I’m about to have a go at wet felting too.

I used merino wool tops and 100% wool felt as my background. I bought my tops from sarastexturecrafts.com, there are some beautiful colour tops available, I especially love the colour blends. Anyway, I have submitted  photo of my needle felt picture so hopefully it may be featured in Sara’s next newsletter!

Needle Felt Fox Picture

In other news…the small one is doing really well and we are very proud parents! She has been getting the hang of her walker although we carefully limit how much time she spends in it. This past week she has been starting to speak much to our joy and surprise. Yesterday we visited a private pool where she suddenly demonstrated that she wanted to swim. We are really pleased with T*’s progress and looking forward to further ABM next month.

Happy Little Lady