Overdue Update!

Well its been about a month since I last posted and there’s been lots going on!

The small one is coming along really well, she is active, vocal, becoming more independent and confident. Yesterday we had a combined physio/speech therapist visit and she managed some fantastic sitting with relaxed legs and brilliant head control. The changes we have seen in the past month are so positive. After what seems like a very long time of excruciatingly slow progress it’s very exciting for us to be moving less slowly! We plan to return to London for more ABM in late April so lots to look forward to.

We are also very happy to share with you that T*’s Rifton Pacer walker was delivered yesterday, much to our surprise as all we knew was that funding had been approved, but we didn’t know if there was sufficient funding left in this financial year or that it had been ordered. To see our little one take her first steps without our physical help was brilliant, its going to take a bit of getting used to for her to be down so low when she has spent the vast proportion of her life in my arms.

Initial excitement aside, we need to be careful with the walker as it could undo all our good progress and even be detrimental. So it looks as if babywearing is going to remain a vital feature in our daily lives for quite some time!