Samhain Blessings!

This year we are celebrating our first Samhain as I have been looking into Earth related festivals. We don’t follow a religion and I reject the faith pressed upon me as a child while in school, but lately I have had a desire to recognise and thank the Earth and the Universe for what it provides.

I’ll be making pumpkin soup later today, and we’ll eat it with homemade bread (mixed from a packet!) hot from the oven. Last week I collected some leaves and cones with the small one so we will sit down and touch, see, listen and experience Autumn. She’ll think its great fun!

Last night we had a go at making Clementine Candles which was a semi-success, not so much olive oil next time I think. Still, if you’re like me and hardly eat fruit its a great incentive to get some Vit C.

Enjoy Samhain!

Dancing Fox pumpkin


I’ll buy you a telescope….

….if you can’t see the stars….

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Living with an extra needs child is both challenging and inspiring. Some times I have low moments, but they are far outweighed by the sheer delight and immense pride I feel every day. I honestly believe that for some unknown reason I have been chosen to experience more joy than any other parent I know.

My little girl is shining, she radiates love and laughter, she is a star on Earth.

Ah! There I am!

I think I’ve finally made it to the right path, and it’s been a bit of a revelation! Why does it take so long to get to the right starting point? The journey gets exciting for here-on in…

So we’ve busy! International Babywearing Week came and went last week, I had planned to blog every day but in my previously lost state I just couldn’t feel or find the words. However I did find the time to make my long-awaited babywearing bag. I love it, I loved making it and I learnt loads. I used beautiful plum cord I sourced from eBay for the outer, and Alexander Henry ‘Larkspur’ in Brite Multi from Fabric Inspirations for the lining.

On the subject of making, yesterday we made our first ever batch of soap. We used a basic recipe from ‘The Handmade Soap Book’ by Melinda Cross and added Lemongrass essential oil. Now we must cross our fingers and wait for 4 weeks to see if it turns out ok. If you fancy having a go yourself I definitely recommend the book, its really easy to read and full of recipes to try out. I’m hoping to make a different batch every weekend for the next month or so, so hopefully have some good stuff ready for Christmas/Yule.

I’m really excited to have ordered an Earth Pathways Diary 2012, I came across this while browsing a blog and it looks great, just what I have been looking for. Maybe if I have time to get back to my drawing board I will be able to submit some artwork for the 2014 diary! I’m also looking forward to receiving my pouch from Fairysteps…take a look at their truly gorgeous shoes if you have a moment…maybe one day I will be able to justify buying a pair of handmade shoes *sigh*

So, glad to back here, glad to be on my path, glad to be moving forward.

Babywearing Bag

Inside the bag

October Sky ~ view from my window


…pause for thought…

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies” Unknown

Just Collecting Scattered Thoughts…

Firstly a big “HIYA” to my new readers and subscribers. I’m really glad you have found me and I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

I’ve been meaning to post every day this week but something either cropped up or by the time I sat down in peace I couldn’t think of anything worthwhile to say. I’ll admit to feeling a little preoccupied, we are looking into a new therapy for our small person and it’s taken up a lot of head-space this past week. The good news is the sessions have been booked, time off work been cleared and kind relatives more than happy to accommodate us for a few days so now we just wait until January…it seems like an age away. If this works for us we’ll be making regular trips to London for blocks of sessions so some fundraising might be on the cards early next year.

So, what else has been going on? Bits and pieces, mostly things I can’t bring to mind. I am planning a babywearing bag this weekend, and possibly a matching mei tai after trawling DIY section. I’ve also found some suitable jam thermometers so will be having a bash at a bit of soap making as soon as they arrive.

I think thats it for me today, sorry folks, I’m just not feeling it right now. I’ll be back soon though xx