Good Times

Wow, lots of views these past few days! There’s been lots of interest in my ‘Extra Needs & Babywearing’ piece so I plan on blogging some more on this subject in the near future.

My beautiful Rockpool lampwork pendant arrived, so pleased with it, my photo just doesn’t do it justice. Now just need to find the perfect chain! The only problem is my little person is fascinated with it, I just need to figure out how to keep it out of her hands…and her mouth!!

I have also finished my appliqué cushion, it is far from perfect but was great fun to do and I can’t wait to do more.

The small one is also having a busy couple of days, we went to hydro yesterday and we have physio today. She LOVES going in the pool and splashing around. I, however, found it exhausting trying to juggle a small toddler, getting us both dry and dressed without being able to put her down or sit her up! But it’s so worthwhile to see her smiling and laughing…she makes my heart melt every day. I am so incredibly lucky.

The million dollar smile

Glass pendant from Lush Lampwork

Leaping hare cushion


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