Brain Strain!

A few days ago I was asked if I would write about my experiences of babywearing and special/additional needs. Of course I said yes, what I write is intended to be given to participants of an advanced babywearing training course, who, once qualified, with be babywearing consultants.

The subject should be easy, but actually, its quite complex. I’m not just being asked about my experiences of  babywearing, but also about the interactions I’ve had with various health professionals, and how I would like those interactions to be.

So, lots to think about. I’m making notes all over the place so at some point I’m going to need to put them altogether and come up with something comprehensible. I just hope I can manage to put together something useful!


The Beauty of the Woodland

On Sunday, after the small one had woken from her afternoon nap, we went for a walk at a nearby reserve. I’m not a great fan of walking as a pass time, but my opportunities for exercise are currently limited  so off we went. And I’m so glad we did because it gave me the opportunity to slow down and open my eyes, look around me, at the ground and above my head. It’s nice to be reminded of  life beyond my own existence!

The woodland was beautiful. Green is such an undervalued colour! We took a camera and a foraging pocket book and just enjoyed our surroundings. A wood is an incredibly serene place considering the sheer amount of life it sustains.

Beautiful Green

Beauty Above

Beauty Below

Fairy Fungi

And of course, a pram is not ideal for negotiating narrow muddy paths, steep tracks, steps or stiles, so the small one was happily worn on my back in the Melkaj where she was comfortably carried for 2 hours. How else would we be able to share the pleasue of these places with her?

Stiles? No problem!

We really enjoyed our walk, I’m looking forward to returning, especially in the autumn when the leaves will be turning…

More than just a jeans & t-shirt girl…

So I live in jeans and t-shirts, but there’s more to me than that. What if I want to be a skirt girl? Or a summer-dress-and-scarf-in-my-hair kind of girl?

But the thing is, that would mean stepping outside my comfort zone and challenging my sense of self. And just to complicate matters, it also means challenging the expectations that other people have of me.

Sometimes the weight of  other peoples perceptions and expectations can be crushing. It comes from all sides and squashes us into boxes. Sometimes, no matter how claustrophobic  the box seems, its easier just to sit in there than it is to break out and start doing something different.

But the laws of nature and the universe demonstrates that things don’t stay the same. Life is beautiful and the future is a blank canvas. Every day I see endless possibilities and amazing changes within a child. This magic doesn’t cease when we reach adulthood, unless we build our own glass ceilings.

Do something different today.


Less is More

And I want to say “Thank You”.

I get tired sometimes, and I wonder why things have to be a certain way, why many things have to be so…..less than straightforward.

But honestly, I would be less than the person I am. I would have less empathy, less patience, see less, hear less and feel less.

So when things are less than ideal, I’ll try to remember that I have a lot more because of it.