The Little Purple Dragon

We had a fab day at the Dragon Festival, the weather was beautiful and Taliah looked amazing in her costume. The event had the potential to be pretty big but for some reason it just wasn’t. But that didn’t stop it from being an inspiring place to be. Newcastle Emlyn is a lovely little village in the county of Ceredigion, somewhat known for attracting ‘hippy’ types, or should I say, families who don’t tend to conform to societies general expectations. But there was a real friendly ‘feel’, people chatted to us, we ordered some bamboo nappies from the real nappy vendor, chatted to some home-edders (good to know there’s more out there!) and were not the only ones breastfeeding and babywearing. Its all given me that little push I need to break some unhelpful thought patterns and let go of pre-conceived ideas and judgements.

Another plus is that I came away with plenty of ideas for stuff to make and do. It’s just case of being less uptight and seeing the potential!

Oh, and, the small person won a prize for her costume!


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