Embracing the Everyday Stuff

Wow, what can I say, lots going on! Now I just have to work on my time management skills if I want to get much done…

I’ve been sleeping better this past week, I’ve spent a bit of time every day with the ponies, and even ridden a handful of times. My little girl is worn by her Daddy and really enjoys the walk down the lane together. It was a bit of a shock to the system to be back in the saddle after a two and a half year break but it was like I’d never been away.

Our gorgeous toddler Melkaj carrier arrived and its gorgeous, I LOVE the funky modern blue and black paisley even more than the embroidered hummingbird design. And its incredibly comfortable as well as being a much better shape and design for our little one compared to the very basic mei tai we were using before. On the subject of design I’ve got something in mind that I’m working on when I can snatch 10 minutes hands free time. Details to follow, probably in the next month or so.

Overall I’m feeling good. We are rolling along slowly but surely which is all I can ask for. I’m trying to find time to do some aura and intuitive readings but its hard to find the headspace and it can be tiring, especially interpreting the information. Guess I need to loosen my grip and stuff will just flow…



Busy Being Busy

Well, its been a couple of weeks since I last blogged, and I’ve been quite busy. I’ve got a few crafty type things on the go or on the list so generally I’m busy, busy! On the plus side it means that I’m able to ‘do something’ in a day instead of sometimes feeling stressed by always being the Attachhed Parent…maybe the scales are finally starting to tip into balance…?

We have received our beautiful Didymos Ginkgo wrap after finally paying it up. Wrapping is a bit of an art, its all about getting the tensioning right and we really need to practise. As ever, doing anything with a small person who has extra needs is not straightforward. She likes to have her arms out but needs a lot of support around her back so many carries aren’t quite right. But we’ll get there. We also have a Melkaj mei tai on the way as our Ellaroo is outgrown, apparently its gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it. I love mei tai’s and there are some amazing wrap conversions out there, I think the wrap style straps which spread open are just brilliant and combine the best of both the wrap and mei tai features and I imagine they are especially supportive.

So, aside from crafting and carriers, ponies seem to be featuring more and more in our day and we are enjoying the increased contact. There is a lot of work to do with them for the future, but instead of feeling overwhelmed, I’m really looking forward to it all. I’m starting to feel more like me!

Didymos Ginkgo

The Little Purple Dragon

We had a fab day at the Dragon Festival, the weather was beautiful and Taliah looked amazing in her costume. The event had the potential to be pretty big but for some reason it just wasn’t. But that didn’t stop it from being an inspiring place to be. Newcastle Emlyn is a lovely little village in the county of Ceredigion, somewhat known for attracting ‘hippy’ types, or should I say, families who don’t tend to conform to societies general expectations. But there was a real friendly ‘feel’, people chatted to us, we ordered some bamboo nappies from the real nappy vendor, chatted to some home-edders (good to know there’s more out there!) and were not the only ones breastfeeding and babywearing. Its all given me that little push I need to break some unhelpful thought patterns and let go of pre-conceived ideas and judgements.

Another plus is that I came away with plenty of ideas for stuff to make and do. It’s just case of being less uptight and seeing the potential!

Oh, and, the small person won a prize for her costume!