Taking the time it takes…

If anyone had ever told me while I was pregnant that my little girl wouldn’t be sitting unaided at the age of 2, I’m really not sure how I would have felt. I sometimes wonder what other people make of our situation, I sometimes get the weird feeling that we are out of touch with the general baby-raising population, floating above them in our bubble. Many people find it difficult to relate to us and I think its because of a few reasons.

Firstly, its the perceived ‘hippy’ thing. Breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, attachment parenting, baby-led…it scares people.

Secondly, no matter how beautiful and bright and funny our little girl is, there is clearly issues. It must be awkward for them, not knowing what to say

And lastly, its our attitude. We are easy, we don’t believe in too much pressure. We just rolling along. We were planning on home edding anyway and kind of makes even more sense now.

So on the surface I guess we are living life from a very different viewpoint. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt is that you’ve just got to take the time it takes. There’s no winning post in life, success in life is about how happy you are. We plan on being very happy!!

We are busy this week, we are attending the Heart of the Dragon Festival this weekend so are working on some costume type stuff. It’s nice to go out as a family, just hope the weather is nice for us.


The Profound Blink ~ 2 years with my baby

I wanted to share something with you. I wrote it a while ago, and dug it out because my little sweetheart is two tomorrow and I wanted to remind myself of the amazing stuff instead of remember the fear and shock which surrounded her birth. So here goes;

“My baby, she’s like a barnacle attached to me. She’s so funny, she laughs because I do and she doesn’t even know why. When we wake up in the morning she gives me the hugest smile,and that moment just before she opens her eyes, when she gurns and stretches, its magical.
When I feed her and she wraps herself around me, there’s this blink she gives me, such a big blink from such a small person. There’s such a thing as a profound blink. Who knew…
Just because she is so small, a baby, doesn’t mean she is a non-person. She deserves as much compassion, empathy and respect as I do. I don’t want her to ever cry without comfort or know loneliness, pain or fear.
I hope our souls stay connected forever, and our bodies remain attached for as long as she needs”


Slings and things

We have been testing a gorgeous wrap-tai from Delphi Slings and Pretty Things, and I finally got some nice photos. We love using carriers, they are deceptively easy to use, very supportive and small people love being close to the people they love, up high where they can see everything. It’s really important to get one that suits both wearer and child and fits properly. Lots of areas have slingmeets where you can chat with other babywearers and try out different slings and wraps.

Anyway, after totally falling in love with a wrap-tai, I’m thinking I need one of my own…and I have a gorgeous wrap in mind for conversion!!

And, on the subject of slings, we had our local slingmeet this morning. While the weather is miserable we go to an indoor play centre. It’s nice to meet with like-minded people, and I have made a  few good friends. Its nice, especially as we are such a fragmented society in general. If you can find something in common with other people, start a group!!

Delphi Slings Wrap-Tai

Just enjoying the sound of peace

We had family visiting from Kent on Saturday, cue lots of mad tidying and hoovering. We are busy next weekend when our little girl turns two, so they came a week early. Taliah found it a bit overwhelming, its these times that remind me of her vision difficulties as its harder for her to get her bearings when there’s lots going on. She loved her pre-Birthday cake, made by Daddy.

Father’s Day followed on Sunday, we’d had a card printed by Moonpig with aome photos on. Daddy was very happy, said its a keeper and he doesn’t tend to bother with stuff like that. Result!!

Life is otherwise slow, I’m feeling more and more positive, I’m noticing the little things, smiling, laughing, imagining. Outside I can hear the sparrows chattering in the sunshine and the occasional calling horse. Much better than traffic and sirens and all the other town noise. There is sound here, but no noise. It’s the sound of peace.

The Pre-Bithday Cake

Don’t worry, be happy…*yadda yadda*

I woke early this morning, about 5am, and I couldn’t get back to sleep, And then it happened, my empty mind began to fill itself with worries and stresses. I went from pears to tumble dryers in about 2 minutes flat.

My other half always ask me, “what have you got to worry about??”, as if my life is so charmed or my concerns are trivial. I know he means neither of those things but that still doesn’t ease my mind. The fact is, I’m a worrier. I’m prone to anxiety although I’ve got better as keeping stuff in perspective as I’ve got older.

At my most stressed I exhibit obsessive compulsive disorder type behaviours, rituals, counting, repetitive stuff. It used to take me a bit of time to get out the front door. Is the fridge shut? Was the gas hobs off? Back door locked? I’ll just check. Check again. And check again.

I guess I am quite lucky, some people are gripped by OCD, I was/am fairly mild compared to some. But that doesn’t mean its easy to live with. I think I’ve got it sussed, I can recognise the signs, take steps when I notice my stress levels rising. Its an ongoing thing.

But yes, I do worry about stuff, sometimes minor stuff, but its valid all the same.

I got back to sleep eventually.

Where’s your perspective?

I seem to be rapidly evolving lately, getting things into perspective. I’ve been drifting for such a long time.

I’ve been thinking about the present, and what that means for the future. But instead of clearing my head I find that my mind is now crammed with thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and actually its exciting. Sometimes I think I spend too much too much time online, when maybe the truth is I waste too much time online. If I’m going to be here it might as well be productive! So I’ve got some stuff to work on, blogging to do, ideas to research.

I hope you are all finding your way forward x

Sunny with showers

What has happened to summer? Apparently there’s rain every day as far as the met office website stretches. The weathermen tell us ‘sunny with showers’ as if to cover all bases. Sunny with showers, just like life.

Our appointment with the eye people was a waste of anxiety, no surprises there, small people generally aren’t forthcoming when it comes to examinations, especially when they don’t understand whats going on…

And so I finished the felt owl. It didn’t take long, or wouldn’t have if I wasn’t wrestling with small fingers while trying to sew or thread needles! I enjoyed it but now I’m even more desperate for a new sewing machine. Watch this space for more crazy creations!


Felt Owl


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